スルガ銀行ANA支店Financial Center Communication Space がダイナミックにリニューアルオープン!

先日、スルガ銀行のインターネット支店(ANA支店)のコミュニケーションスペースとして、「スルガ銀行ANA支店Financial Center」がリニューアルオープンしました。

LEDディスプレイは、レンタルと販売と両方行っています。 運搬から設置、調整など、社内スタッフにより敏速に正確に行われます。通常、浜町スタジオのAスタジオに設置されているLEDディスプレイですが、今回のように販売も可能です。お客様の用途に合わせ、大きさも変えることが可能です。

音声収録、アフレコ、スタジオ利用、中継配信、 LEDなどディスプレイなど、お気軽にお問い合わせください。詳細は下記まで。
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Renewal Open dynamically! Communication Space of Suruga Bank ANA Branch Financial Center

The Financial Center of Suruga Bank ANA branch was renewed as the communication space of internet branch of Suruga Bank the other day .

There were about 500 air plane models in the huge space with stylish design as if it was the rounge of the airport at the very center of Tokyo, Nihonbashi. I felt I was in abroad. What I was attracted most was 220 inches LED display mounted in the wall. The image shown in the huge space like an airport was very compelling. We are selling and renting LED display. Our staff will take care of the transportation, installtion and adjustment with the speedy and accurate manner. The display is usually set at A studio of Hamacho Studio but we can sell it like this time. The size can be changed according to the needs of the customers. Our service includes sound recording, dubbing, studio production, relay broadcasting, LED etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the details at below. PANDASTUDIO. TV Toll Free Number: 0120-86-2020 or TEL: 03-4405-9955