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Movie school is open now.

The 5 day movie class is on going at Hamacho A studio this week. The instructors are Mr. Masahiro Nishimura, the  CEO of PANDASTUDIO.TV and Mr. Yasuo Onoe from Panda Studio Kitaikenukuro. You can learn the very basic of video and movie in IP generation throughly. In addition, you can learn using the huge 350 inch LED display that only Hamacho Studio offers. The materials you use on the 350 inch LED are very user friendly. It contains the technical words as well. Even I know the words such as dubbing and ad lib but I can learn the words like intre, kellarel  and dissolve. Yes, it’s very informative. The text is about 800 pages and it’s very user friendly. If you take this technical training, you will get useful knowledge of the movie and self confidence. We’re accepting the training for the companies any time. Please contact below for the details.

Toll Free Number: 0120-86-2020 or TEL: 03-4405-9955